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For her residency with ATLAS Arts and Taigh Chearsabhagh as part of the Broad Reach project Ceara was invited to respond to the people and place of Uist while exploring the original meaning of 'Publicity' – to be in public.

Inspired by the simple definition of the act of 'drawing attention to' and 'revealing', she immersed herself in the island, meeting people, photographing and responding through prose and song.

Ceara choose to share her gathered knowledge within two contexts, small chance encounters utilising the bus network and hitching and through an informal gathering at the Gallery.

'Telling, Gathering' is a performance borrowing from the Beat poet Gary Snyder's 'Together - Hearing' philosophy a concept which centres group and direct contact within human experience and learning;

"There are two modes of learning: direct experience and hearsay.

Nowadays most of what we know comes from hearsay - through books, teachers and television. We are keyed to only a minimal ground of direct experience with the world.

'Not long ago there were no writing systems and the world view /myth/frameworks came to young listeners as long stories chanted in the evening. Direct experience, generation by generation feeds back into the 'tale world'.

Part of this direct experience is the group its self, a circle of listeners who murmur the burden back, or voice approval or snore." Place in Space, A: Ethics, Aesthetics, and Watersheds, Gary Snyder

Photographs of Uist and the Performance

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