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Live Performance Response to The Amulet - The LAB Gallery, 15th January, 2015

An exhibition of Sculptural Audio Visual Work Exploring the Hidden World of Infant Loss by Marie Brett.

In this work Ceara Conway responded to the theme of infant loss as presented in the seminal project The Amulet by Marie Brett using various performative gestures and sounds of lament and lullaby.

The symbol of the golden apple, an archetype used to represent Immortality and Fertility is explored as is the physicality of ''domestic'' repetitive movements .  Sometimes when we grieve domestic jobs become highly in focus, intense activities.The bowl became representative of the womb, full then empty. The song element included sung/ improvised Irish and Georgian/Persian lullabies and laments. Excerpts from the women's testimonies were also spoken.

Photographs Courtesy of Marie Brett

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