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RTE Radio na Gaeltachta, commission & residency, RTE and Ealain na Gaeltachta

In 2008 Ceara Conway was invited by RTE Radio na Gaeltachta to create a number of works following a residental period with the radio stations. The artist was not given permission to broadcast on the station but she was given free reign to engage with the staff, the archives and the infrastructure. The project she created was

based on her questions as to who listened to the radio station and wanting to know their reasons for listening, Radio na Gaeltachta is a unique station/s in that it is historically one of Ireland's first Irish speaking radio stations, it is also unique in that several stations from different national regions each present parts of the programme. The artist discovered among many other things that people used the station to learn the language, to determine geographical borders and to connect with other communities.

The artist invited listeners from all over Ireland to be interviewed and to have casts of their ears taken, she also recorded interviews with the public and created a large scale sculpture based on the sound waves that were created from the interviews .

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