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Making Visible: Supported by the Arts Council Artist in the Community Scheme and managed by Create


Well done on the Making Visible project, it was one of the impactful examinations of direct provision I have ever come across

Fergal Landy- BSS, NQSW, LLM - School of Political Science and Sociology, NUI Galway

Making Visible is a socially engaged art project that aimed to highlight and Make Visible the current Direct Provision system in Ireland and to bring to light the suffering of asylum seekers living within this system.

Drawing upon the old Irish tradition of ''Caoineadh'' a vocal lament associated with mourning, Ceara created a series of ritual performances that were informed by her time engaging with ''Able Women'', a group of women who are currently seeking asylum in Ireland.

In the series of performances each woman chose a lament and a location in Galway City that they wished to have it performed. The location and lament they chose was pertinent to a personal aspect of their experiences living within the direct provision service in Galway.

The first performance took place on the 6th of January 2014 in St Nicholas's Cathedral, Galway City, with singers Veronika nCube, Ceara Conway and Noirin Ni Rian.

In Ireland it was traditional for the ''bean caoineadh'' to lament and ask for things on behalf of the grieving family and community.

These performances aspired to create a connection between both audience and performer, communicating emotive, personal and political aspects of these women's experiences through voice and song.


A series of vigils discussions and workshops held in light of the various perspectives of living within the Direct Provision system. Talks with Senator Trevor O Clorthaigh, Dr Aine Phillips, Ade Douton, Veronika Ncube, Dr Rebecca Breen,

Monday the 7th - Friday the 11th of April , 6pm - 7pm at 126 Gallery, Flood Street Galway

(Details on poster on right)

Click here to view Making Visible discussed on TG4 on Clar Roisin

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