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Oiche na nDeich Sheol - The Night of the Ten Sails

Commissioned by Udaras na Gaeltachta and Ealain na Gaeltachta : Per Cent for Art Commission, 2010, Connamara

Oiche na nDeich Sheol was a participatory project where the artist proposed to work with eleven children from Connemara to create and host their own Festival for their local community. The main premise of this project was to engage them to interpret their experiences of their unique Irish speaking culture through animation, photography and using design to produce merchandise which was sold on the night of the Festival. The showcase of the evening was a large scale projection of animations that they created onto the sails of ten traditional hooker boats.

Along with this the children curated a number of festival stalls to compliment the event. They choose to have a sweet stall, a games and toys stall and a cafe for the adults.They invited three artists to give art workshops for children and they organised a concert for the night.

With support from the artist the children curated the event and were involved in all aspects of the production.

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