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Súgáin - Commissioned by Artfarm - Funded by Galway 2020

Súgain is a durational performance by the artist Ceara Conway in conjunction with the residents of Ballygar, the Ballygar Choir and kindly hosted by ArtFarm 2020.

Taking the Aristotelian notion of what makes an ideal community;conviviality, religiosity,intellectual growth, and politics, Ceara enagaged with twelve residents who each represented a facet of Ballygar in a live performance. The engagement took several forms. A tSúgáin rope was twisted and fed anew with each meeting.

The artist and residents explored through conversation how the themes of political and social philosophers Phillip Pettit, Rosseau and William James related to their lives. Themes related to ideas of freedom, deference and dominance in our society. Themes related to how unlimited expectations could be impoverishing us in an age of ''self realisation and success''. The artist also performed with the Ballygar choir and worked with Flying Knee productions to create a video piece.

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