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Vicissitudes, ''Exile, Ritual and Lament''

Difference Exchange, Derry City of Culture and Kings College, UK

"Was unexpectedly and profoundly moved by ColmCilleSpiral. Something very special took place on that curragh." Michelle Dunne

Galway based artist, Ceara Conway,conducted Vicissitudes, an evocative, waterborne voice performance from a traditional fishing boat -curragh, and sound installation in the River Foyle, in Derry-Londonderry on the 7 - 9 June.The commission, curated by Greg McCartney is part of Colm Cille’s Spiral, a present-day re-imagination of ideas from the distant past, stemming from the rich legacy of the sixth-century monk, through an ambitious collaboration of artists, writers and academics. Six contemporary artistic interpretations.

These commissions were represented in Derry City in December, along with a ‘creative conversation’ - a series of talks and performances for City of Culture 2013.

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