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Weathering is a work of film, dance, poetry, music & song by director and choreographer Mary Wycherley and collaborators inspired by The Gearagh/An Gaorthadh, a rare and ancient river forest in Co. Cork. See Weathering at Dance Limerick, on Thursday 30th March at 7:30pm.

Created in collaboration with writer Jools Gilson, singer Ceara Conway and composer Jürgen Simpson, Weathering showcases Wycherley’s hallmark interdisciplinary style. Navigating the boundary between film and live performance, the work explores our relationship to our ancient past; and how to ground ourselves within the precarious social, political and environmental landscape of our present and future.

Conceived together with cinematographer Raja Nundlall as a multiscreen work, Weathering immerses the audience in the work’s point of departure – the striking and poignant landscape of The Gearagh / An Gaorthadh in County Cork – an 11,000 year-old submerged glacial Irish woodland. This last surviving full oak forest in Western Europe was felled for the building of electrical dams in the 1950s and within Weathering it acts as a bridge to the prehistoric age, asking us to reflect on how ancient places and natural environments infuse our current relationship to the natural world.

Featuring dancers Justine Cooper and Aoife McAtamney, and costume by Triona Lillis, Weathering is presented with live sound and voice performance, inhabiting the space between film and liveness.


Director & Choreographer: Mary Wycherley
DOP: Raja Nundlall
Dancers/Performers: Justine Cooper, Aoife McAtamney
Movement Research: Rosalind Crisp
Writer & Performer: Jools Gilson
Performer/Text: Ceara Conway
Composer: Jürgen Simpson
Costume Designer: Triona Lilis
Assistant Director: Laura O’Loughlin
Sound Recordist: Kurt Howard
1st AC Focus Puller: Gavin Reilly
2nd AC: Chris Mckenna
Grip/Gaffer: Rupert MacCarthy Morrogh/SLR Grip & Electric
Production Assistants: Karen Aguiar, Favour Odusola
Producer Gwen Van Spÿk
PR: Steph Dickenson
Marketing: Emer Casey
Musicians: Alec Brown
Research Assistant: Cáit Ni Dhuinnín
CGI: Stephen O’Connell
Ecologist: Kevin Corcoran
Tony Irwin: Production Manager

Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and Limerick City and County Council. Supported by Dance Limerick, Project Arts Centre, Tipperary Dance, Tanzrauschen, and Shawbrook Residency

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