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15 Miles - St Brendan's Nursing Home, Loughrea

Commissioned by the Galway Public Arts Office, PerCent For Art%

The main aim of this project was to create a body of personalized photographic works that related directly to the lives and homes of the long term residents in the Hospital, all of whom came from a 15 Mile radius from St Brendan's. The brief for the images were essentially created by the residents, through an intense period of engagement the residents gave the artist maps and locations to their homes, to favourite places that they loved to look at as well as themes and memories from which to create and base more abstract ''dream like ''images on.

The outcomes of this project included each of the residents receiving a series of personalized books with images of their homes, their friends and portraits of themselves. A permanent series of digital images are also installed in St Brendans Nursing home.

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